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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meaning Of Each Tarot Card: Read Your Future

In every life there comes a time to move on and to make
decisions for change, so we have to ask ourselves where is it
that we want to go. These life changes involve major decisions
about career, relationships, and finances. Is this new job the
one where I'll be able to build a career? Should I marry this
person now or wait until I've gotten to know myself better? Is
it a good time for me to purchase a new vehicle or will I live
to regret it?

This is also when we can seek insight from psychics,
astrologers, or tarot card readers. It is popular belief that
such alternative practitioners can look in to our future and
suggest certain ways to deal with the situation we're facing. In
this article, we will begin an introduction to the tarot cards
and the meaning of each card, to assist you in understanding the
value of a reading.

We all have heard of tarot cards, haven't we? But what are these
tarot cards and what is the meaning of each card? A tarot deck
is comprised of a set of cards beautified with universal images
and old symbols which vividly represent the essence of ancient
knowledge, teachings, archetypes, etc. The deck includes what
are called the Major Arcana and four suits of cards. Each tarot
card has a very special meaning that contributes to the overall
message of a tarot reading.

The 'Fool' tarot card stands for unenlightened person; the
'Magician' represents a very talented person; the 'High
Priestess' stands for wisdom and intuitive ability; the
'Empress' governs the cycle of birth, death and re-birth; the
'Emperor' stands for worldly power; following ceremonies and
beliefs is represented by the 'Pope'; love is represented by the
'Lovers'; the 'Chariot' stands for struggle; Strength'
represents exactly what it implies; the 'Hermit' stands for
soul-searching; the 'Sun' represents contentment; while the
'Moon' is associated with feminism and seduction.

The 'Star' in the Tarot deck symbolizes positive thinking,
optimism and hope. The 'Swords' is another abstract symbol which
is used to predict suffering and mental challenges. There are a
variety of other symbols that tell what is coming in a persons
life. For example, the 'Cups' foretell of changes to the
emotional life. If you were to see the 'Wands' card appear it
would represent changes in your career. 'Pentacles' would
represent money and other material goods.

The tarot card "Justice" stands for just that, while the tarot
card "Death" stands not for physical death, but spiritual death.
The tarot card "Hanged Man" stands for self sacrifice. The
"Tower" stands for sudden change. the card "Temperance" stands
for balance and harmony. "Judgement" stands for a judgment day
approaching. The need for introspection is signified by that
card. These six cards show the way to the tarot card "World".

After looking at the meaning of each tarot card, we want to know
how anyone learns to read them. Mastery of the skills to read
tarot cards involves ongoing study, practice, and the use of a
sharp intuition. How valid and complex a reading is depends on
the skill of the reader. To help you start the learning process
more easily, you should find a website offering a free tarot card
reading. The online reading will help you to a basic
understanding of how the cards are read.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Reading Tarot Card

What is Tarot?

For ages the art of divination has been a part of many cultures and religions. Of the many forms of divination, one seems to be gaining more and more popularity throughout the world. Tarot seems to be the preferred tool of divination for many though some may prefer other methods. I discovered tarot approximately 2 years ago and was amazed at how accurate the cards can be. They really hit home with me and I have been fascinated with it ever since then. But what are these cards anyways and how can they tell the future?

Well, let me explain a little about the cards. They are divided up in this fashion. First is your Major Arcana. These cards represent different phases in your life. Starting with the Fool and ending with The World, these cards show how far we have advanced on many different levels and can also represent obstacles and victories as well. All in all they show that life is about growth and change. To move on to the next level we must first master the one we are on. Though we start out as a Fool with blind faith, we can ultimately have everything we ever dreamed of.

Next is the Minor Arcana. They are numbered Ace through King and are divided up by wands, chalices, pentacles and swords. Each of these represent an aspect of human nature. Ace through 10 represent how good or bad things are in the card. The Paige is the messenger of the suits and the Knight through King are people that could be affecting the situatiuon. Each suit represents an element. That is where our nature comes in to the cards. Each element stands for its own aspect of humanity. Wands represent air and thoughts. Pentacles represent Earth and money or stability. Chalices represent water and emotions. Swords represent Fire and passion. Though these are of the Minor Arcana, they can give you great insight into whatever the question may be.

I could go on and on telling you about each and every card in the deck! but maybe you want to learn how to read them for yourself?

Reading Tarot Cards can be lots of fun! let me help teach you! I have been reading tarot cards for many years now, and am always impressed with their accuratcy.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tarot Readings

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Professional Psychic's reading the Tarot Cards and who are waiting for you now

Tarot readings as an art and a science has been around for a
long time. Originating in 15th Century Northern Italy, tarot
cards were used for games initially, and packs at the time
were made up of a normal deck of cards with the addition of 21
trump cards, 4 queens of each suite and a fool.

The original date of the use of this deck of cards or "tarocchi"
deck is uncertain; however "The Oracles of Francesco Marcolino
da Forli" in 1540 illustrates a simple form of divining from the
coin suite of a standard pack of cards.

Later works by authors from Europe show the basic divinatory
meanings of the cards, as well as the system for laying out the
cards. In 1781 Antoine Court de Gebelin attempted to set out the
history of tarot divination, as well as the detailed use of
tarot to foretell the future, but unfortunately much of this is
speculative. Whilst he alleged to be able to follow the tarot
back to ancient Egypt or various other sources there is no proof
of the tarot being used in practice in such places.

Tarot reflects the symbolism of the Middle Ages, and people at
the time would recognise the images portrayed on the cards, many
of which may look somewhat mysterious today.

However <a
 cards</a> were not generally accepted as a method of divination
until the 18th and 19th Centuries, when their use by secret
societies, mystics and occultists brought them into much more
regular use.

Interest in tarot developed much more widely in the 19th
Century, starting in Napoleon's time and particularly as a
result of the Hermetic Revival where other occultists took a
greater notice.

It is generally credited to Eliphas Levi that the tarot system
we know today was brought into the English language and his
method of divination is still very much in use by many people.

1910 saw a major increase in tarot with the publication if the
Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, which included symbolic images relating
to the meanings to be divined from the numerical cards. 20th
Century marketing ensured that these particular tarot cards have
remained probably the most generally used even to this day,
although a great variety is still to be had.

Tarot reading has also improved with the times and divinations
by experts have now become increasingly available from
specialists on the internet. This ability to go straight to the
experts has revolutionised the psychic possibilities available
to most people, and more and more people are going directly to
the web for a tarot reading rather than relying on less
expertise locally, indeed many people use this service daily.

If you are looking for an expert tarot reading you will get just
that on the web.

Author: Barry Hooper

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Belief in Tarot Cards

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Our Psychic readers are waiting for you now

To be honest, I believe in tarot cards and in the world of psychics and the occult. I know that there a lot of things in this world that we don’t understand. I have come to realize that just because we don’t understand something does not mean that it isn’t real.

I believe that knowing that we don’t know everything is the key to learning and growth. Not having the proof in the palms of our hands is not a guarantee that something is just a figment of someone else’s imagination.

Of course, I realize that I don’t know much about what is real and what is not real. However, I do know that people I trust very much believe in the unknown. I have a friend who offers to give me guidance if I need it, even though she has nothing to gain from me.

She doesn’t know a lot about my past, even if she is a good friend. Nevertheless, she says things that are too true to be random when she reads tarot cards for me. I know that I can trust what she says when she reads my tarot cards.

She has also brought up exact moments, names and details that a person could not possibly guess over the phone from the other side of the world. It’s almost as if she can see right into my head when she reads my tarot cards.

I cannot deny that the tarot cards are telling her something because she can see what age I was, the names of the people involved, and the direct outcome of my experiences. You should hang on to a friend who can read tarot cards for you.

The people out there who pretend to read tarot cards just to make some money don’t really have any business doing so. There are many ways to make statements that can cover almost anyone’s life. They use different methods to make these statements sound like they are meant just for you.

They make the universal experiences we share seem personal. As a result, the statements sound real, even if they're not. You have to be careful because a lot of people are using tricks to get your money these days. However, this does not mean that people who have real gifts of seeing do not exist.

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Tarot Cards. Visit our site for more helpful information about Tarot Cards and other similar topics.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Reading Tarot Cards

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Professional Psychic's reading the Tarot Cards and who are waiting for you now

Just what is a

Tarot Card reader ---

There are two distinct types of Tarot Readers.

The first being the reader who has studied the cards over a long period of time.Perhaps as an interest at first, then as they built up a knowledge and understanding, doing simple readings for family or friends then continuing their quest in learning the mystic art.

They have learnt the full meanings  by reading some of the array of books on the subject. Normally these readers have built up their confidence over a long period of time. Along with their hard work and dedication in gaining the interpretations, they also go much deeper into their own  Psychic.

Its the growing feeling of the power of the cards which is gained only by handling the Tarot Cards over a period of time giving you that knowledge.

It start to be second sense. You gradually gain the relationship of Tarot Cards to the person you are reading them for. No longer having to remember the explanations in the many books you have read. You arrive at your comfort zone with the Tarot, only then are they true Tarot Readers.

The second type are the Psychic Tarot Card Readers.

These are the spiritually gifted readers, who use their Spirit Guilds and the Tarot Cards together. They need still study for the understanding of their gift. Their gifts mature over time as they work them. They receive the power of the Tarot with their Psychic powers by handling the Tarot Cards to. Its that same handling of the cards that leads to their interpretation which is your Tarot Card Reading. These Tarot Card Readers normally try their new found Psychic powers on friends and family, before going out to apply their Gifts.

But remember Not all Tarot Card Readers are Psychic's but then not all Psychic's can read the Tarot  

So which one do you go to ---- for myself both are more than able to offer me a Tarot Card Reading, so my choice would be on a personal level not a professional one. I would always choose the Tarot Reader who I felt most comfortable with

Thursday, December 28, 2006

2007 Tarot Card Readings

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Welcome to 2007

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Fears Generated By The TAROT

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Are You Fearful


Hi my name is Denis and I run a Tarot

web site which has been online now for

over 6 years. I understand a lot of

people are put of with anyone who has

knowledge beyond their own. I would

call it a gift. Tarot cards by themselves

are very safe, the only time they can ever

be anything else, is in the wrong hands.

I employ a number of professional readers

all of which, have studied the art of reading

the cards. The basic art is to know what the

cards mean individually. then using a

number of cards ( we call it a spread )

building a picture relating to whom the cards

were chosen or dealt. The cards cannot tell

you everything about you, they do not predict

Death or the likes. So the fears most have

are fears they already live with, and that same

fear would not necessary be reflected in the


So let me assure you there is nothing in

the TAROTS to fear. look at them as a

general indicator of what chooices are

available to you in the nearest of

time. The past given to you is for

edification reasons, a kinda, "well is this

you or not".