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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Fears Generated By The TAROT

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Are You Fearful


Hi my name is Denis and I run a Tarot

web site which has been online now for

over 6 years. I understand a lot of

people are put of with anyone who has

knowledge beyond their own. I would

call it a gift. Tarot cards by themselves

are very safe, the only time they can ever

be anything else, is in the wrong hands.

I employ a number of professional readers

all of which, have studied the art of reading

the cards. The basic art is to know what the

cards mean individually. then using a

number of cards ( we call it a spread )

building a picture relating to whom the cards

were chosen or dealt. The cards cannot tell

you everything about you, they do not predict

Death or the likes. So the fears most have

are fears they already live with, and that same

fear would not necessary be reflected in the


So let me assure you there is nothing in

the TAROTS to fear. look at them as a

general indicator of what chooices are

available to you in the nearest of

time. The past given to you is for

edification reasons, a kinda, "well is this

you or not".