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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meaning Of Each Tarot Card: Read Your Future

In every life there comes a time to move on and to make
decisions for change, so we have to ask ourselves where is it
that we want to go. These life changes involve major decisions
about career, relationships, and finances. Is this new job the
one where I'll be able to build a career? Should I marry this
person now or wait until I've gotten to know myself better? Is
it a good time for me to purchase a new vehicle or will I live
to regret it?

This is also when we can seek insight from psychics,
astrologers, or tarot card readers. It is popular belief that
such alternative practitioners can look in to our future and
suggest certain ways to deal with the situation we're facing. In
this article, we will begin an introduction to the tarot cards
and the meaning of each card, to assist you in understanding the
value of a reading.

We all have heard of tarot cards, haven't we? But what are these
tarot cards and what is the meaning of each card? A tarot deck
is comprised of a set of cards beautified with universal images
and old symbols which vividly represent the essence of ancient
knowledge, teachings, archetypes, etc. The deck includes what
are called the Major Arcana and four suits of cards. Each tarot
card has a very special meaning that contributes to the overall
message of a tarot reading.

The 'Fool' tarot card stands for unenlightened person; the
'Magician' represents a very talented person; the 'High
Priestess' stands for wisdom and intuitive ability; the
'Empress' governs the cycle of birth, death and re-birth; the
'Emperor' stands for worldly power; following ceremonies and
beliefs is represented by the 'Pope'; love is represented by the
'Lovers'; the 'Chariot' stands for struggle; Strength'
represents exactly what it implies; the 'Hermit' stands for
soul-searching; the 'Sun' represents contentment; while the
'Moon' is associated with feminism and seduction.

The 'Star' in the Tarot deck symbolizes positive thinking,
optimism and hope. The 'Swords' is another abstract symbol which
is used to predict suffering and mental challenges. There are a
variety of other symbols that tell what is coming in a persons
life. For example, the 'Cups' foretell of changes to the
emotional life. If you were to see the 'Wands' card appear it
would represent changes in your career. 'Pentacles' would
represent money and other material goods.

The tarot card "Justice" stands for just that, while the tarot
card "Death" stands not for physical death, but spiritual death.
The tarot card "Hanged Man" stands for self sacrifice. The
"Tower" stands for sudden change. the card "Temperance" stands
for balance and harmony. "Judgement" stands for a judgment day
approaching. The need for introspection is signified by that
card. These six cards show the way to the tarot card "World".

After looking at the meaning of each tarot card, we want to know
how anyone learns to read them. Mastery of the skills to read
tarot cards involves ongoing study, practice, and the use of a
sharp intuition. How valid and complex a reading is depends on
the skill of the reader. To help you start the learning process
more easily, you should find a website offering a free tarot card
reading. The online reading will help you to a basic
understanding of how the cards are read.

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